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Comet Editor - CED 14.01 - with support for Comet 32

CED 14.01

This is the long awaited release of the latest Comet Editor - CED 14.01.

Here's a summary of lastest changes and enhancements since the last official release of the Comet Editor.
  • CED 14.01 Update

    Disabled Full F-Keys Transmit that was left ON by the new QMONITOR in Comet 2014.

  • CED 13.02 now supports Comet 32!

    Changed the way CED check for background partitions. Comet 32 allows activate in inactive foreground partitions as background. Now will properly terminate if TERM$ is not same as ITERM$.

  • CED 13.01 now supports Comet 32!

    Disabled the MESSAGE returned from background partitions upon completion of task for Comet 32. Not supported. Fixed a display bug on warning message on COPY.

  • CED 12.01 now supports Comet 32!

    Fix for Comet 32. Changed the FSTAT routine that checks the file to validate as a valid CED source file.
    Comet 32 now uses a key size of 3 bytes.

  • CED 10.02 now supports Comet 32!

    Minor bug fix. Save F2 flag status when getting the cursor position using STS(0).

  • CED 10.01 now supports Comet 32!

    Changed cursor position from CURPOS$ method to the STS(0) when using line delete or line add (F6 & F7).

View the complete change log of the Comet Editor. CEDLOG.TXT

Download the Comet Editor - CED 14.01 (

CED is owned by Signature Systems, Inc. and updated by Robert Laurin. There is no charge to use the CED product on your computer. If you like CED, we remind you that Robert makes changes as an act of love so contributions are always appreciated and would help assure the continuing support and enhancements to keep CED an effective editor for COMET.

Signature Systems, Inc. no longer supports the development of the Comet Editor and as such, has authorized Robert to accept volunteer contributions from grateful users of CED.

Your volunteer contribution will help offset the costs of supporting and distributing new releases of the Comet Editor (CED).

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