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Comet Editor - CED 17.01 now available - Added support for Comet 32 !

This site is dedicated to all the programmers of Comet systems using Internet Basic (formally More-Than-Basic).

Soon some interesting information will be available on this site.

Routines and sample code will be available to all.

  • Lots of information on printing using HP compatible PCL Laser printers.
  • New tricks to simplify Windows reports writing.
  • Simplified paper selection with input trays and duplexing.
  • Barcode printing for both PCL printers and Windows printing.
  • PostNet barcode printing for PCL printers and Windows printing (don't buy those expensive fonts).
Some of the routines source code will be available for FREE; some will have a small fee attached.

In any case, Comet programmers will find valuable information gathered over the last 20+ years. It is with great pleasure that I will share my knowledge and experience. Lots of little trick and many pieces of trivia that makes Comet programming so much more easy and will help you increase your productivity - like it has improved mine.


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